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Navigating Exchanges

At this time the gateways into and out of Bitcoin and other crypto currencies are largely controlled by exchanges. There are other options but they are more complex. We can help guide you through setting up and managing your interactions with the most reputable exchanges.


The Cryptocurrency mining arms race is in full swing. Getting an edge in this industry is becoming increasingly important. It's important to seek out advice from real world miners with years of experience to guide your decision making.

Tokenomics/Defi and Legal

In the increasingly tokenized crypto economy the strategies for deploying and managing a token are increasingly complex and may even have legal implications to be considered. Get your token off to a great start by consulting our crypto legal and economic experts.

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Bitcoin Recovery

If you have a bitcoin or other cryptocurrency wallets which you have lost access to contact us to see if our trusted recovery experts with years of experience can help retrieve your assets. There's nothing to lose with a free consult on the likelihood of being able to recover your assets

Bitcoin Fundamentals Education

If you just want to understand the innovations which made Bitcoin possible and the increasing amount of innovations which are pushing cryptocurrencies forward every day and being developed for the future contact us today.

Securing Your Assets

Even though this is last on our list here this is a number one priority for anyone managing crypto assets of any kind. With great freedom comes great responsibility to keep your assets safe.

Rich Clarke

Rich Clarke has been actively been working in the cryptocurrency space in 2013 and an activist for personal freedom since 2007. Rich earned his Bachelors of Science in Physics in 2003 but spent the next decade working as an audio engineer working around the southeastern United States. From 2002-2013 he was the front man for the band "The Industry" you can see one of their videos here if you like. Rich is the organizer of the Bitcoin Atlanta Meetup which is the oldest Cryptocurrency meetup in the metro Atlanta area established in 2013. Rich became a stay at home dad for several years when his two children were young and now works as Realtor in the metro Atlanta area and as a Cryptocurrency consultant.

In 2007 Rich began studying Austrian Economic theory thanks largely to the presidential campaign of Dr. Ron Paul. In 2012 he became one of the three insurgent delegates from Georgia for Ron Paul at the 2012 Republican National Convention. This experience of seeing the sausage be made in politics made him lose faith in the idea that political action was a viable solution to advance human freedom. It was at this point that Rich began to focus on Bitcoin as a possible tool of human liberation. In the following 7 years Rich has become an expert on the economic philosophies, functioning and landscape of the Cryptocurrency world. If Rich can't answer your questions directly he has a wide variety of expert partners and influencers in his network who can help you navigate any aspect of the industry.

About Rich Clarke

Working with Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies since 2013

"Rich was instrumental in helping us design and launch a cryptocurrency staking program"

Shiv Madan  |   Core Developer, NFT Protocol

Fundamental Resources

Below are some introductory resources that can help get you on the fast track to better understand Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies

Bitcoin Under the Hood

My great friend and former Bitcoin Atlanta Meetup organizer with me, Scott Driscoll, made this fantastic video 7 years ago and now has over 2.7 Million views that explains the core operating principles of the Bitcoin network

Basics of Bitcoin Security

Unlike other assets in the modern economy Bitcoin is simultaneously a store of value and a means of transmitting that value all wrapped into one package. For example you could keep cash, silver coins or other such money in a safe in your own home, however if you wanted to transact with it you would have to physically transport it yourself. Conversely you can store you money in a bank which has the convenience of bank cards, checks and wire transfers however you are not in direct possession of your funds. Though in recent memory keeping your funds at a bank has been fairly safe there have been many times in history and many parts of the world today where this is not the case. Bitcoin and Cryptocurrencies allow you to hold your own assets without trusting any 3rd parties and without fear of arbitrary confiscation by states, bank fees, data breeches etc. With the great freedom of full control over your assets also comes the responsibility of securing those assets properly. See the video below for more information:

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